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Hey, there! My name is Marie and I'm a mom to a very energetic 8-year-old boy and a 4-year-old laid back guinea pig. Yep, that furry beast is part of the family!

I've been privileged to work in this industry since 2008, with a focus on hair loss. My interest in this field comes from the fact that I suffered from alopecia myself in my teens after a traumatic spine surgery.

I've been awarded the title of Hair Loss Coverage Expert of the year by SME, and was interviewed on BBC Radio Live London in September on the topic of hair loss.

It was devastating to think that I would be "bald for the rest of my life". Fortunately, my hair grew back, but the feeling of hopelessness never left, so I used that as a motivation to help other women in that same situation regained their confidence.

Now, I get to live my best life and do a job I love while impacting the life of many.