I have been offering hair extensions services since 2008 all over the West Midlands. Although trained in several methods, I only offer the ones I believe are the healthiest, but also the easiest for you to look after at home. So below is the break down of what is offered in the salon:



How it works: The Micro Weft Weave application method is much quicker than the individual strand by strand micro ring method. Because there are less micro rings that have to be applied to the hair weft this dramatically reduces fitting time.


How long it lasts: With care and regular repositioning of rings they can last up to 3-6 months.


The perks: Micro Weft Hair Extensions are the same a Micro Ring or Pre Bonded Hair Extensions they are un-detectable with hair up.



Best for: Ideal for bridal hair or any special occasion or just bored of waiting for your own hair to grow and want an instant change. Micro Weft Hair Extensions is a great budget buster and fantastic for people who want to try Hair Extensions for the first time.



How it works: Wefted hair and a closure or a frontal are required. I suggest  3 bundles of wefted hair; it is best to have too much than not enough!


How long it lasts: Will depend on the hair. Fittings on afro hair will tend to last longer than fittings on Caucasian/Asian hair.


The perks: Complete colour change or go from short to long in a few hours!


Best for: Mostly used on Afro Carribean, but can also be used on Caucasian/Asian hair.