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Have You Always Wanted To Learn Mesh Integration, But Held Back Because Of The Cost?

Are You Already Trained in Mesh Integration, But Forgot All About It?

Or Maybe You Are Lacking The Confidence To Take On Hair Loss Clients

And Need A Mentor To Talk To? 

Would you like to take your career to a whole new level of success?

Then The Mesh Integration Interactive Coursebook Is For You!


“Finally A Custom Made Solution For Your Hair Loss Clients That Gives The Illusion Of A Full Head of Hair in Hours”!

Anyone in this hair industry knows… what it feels like to see your well-flowing business hit a sudden and unexpected roadblock…


When you notice that your current skills aren’t enough to provide a hair loss solution that’s natural-looking, realistic, and affordable, ultimately, your effectiveness will be judged entirely based on your ability to offer what your client wants!


Wait! I’ve got something special for you!


Your career needs a facelift. Right now. If there has been anything stopping you from achieving your goals and achieving the kind of success you have always wanted, this career "facelift" will jumpstart things and give your life and career a fresh boost.


This may sound like a little too good to be true; maybe you have been told a lot of these similar things several times before by different people and at the end of the day, it was a mere castle in the air. It is understandable if you are skeptical, but you have my word on this, this is an entirely different opportunity, this course is your best bet if you really want to move further in your career in the hair loss industry.

























My name is Marie Darmyn, mom to the coolest 8-year-old, hair extensions technician and hair loss consultant as well as hair loss solution educator.




I help women and young girls suffering from thinning or hair loss to regain their confidence through the help of hairpieces and hair integration methods.




I'm a former alopecia sufferer I've been in the hair loss industry for over a decade have been chosen as the Hair Loss Specialist of the year by the SME's awards and was also interviewed on BBC Radio London Live on the topic of hair loss




* This is for you if you want to learn Mesh Integration but held back because you couldn’t afford it just yet.

* This is for you if you've trained in the past but didn't use your new skill and forgot all about it.


* This is for you if you are lacking the confidence to take on hair loss clients


* This is also for you if you want to access a mentor you can ask questions in your journey to mastery of this skill.




Now is the best time to work on yourself and your skills. The hair loss industry is booming, especially in these uncertain times where stress is taking a toll on everyone. More and more women experience hair loss than ever before, so you cannot let your skill go to waste.



To fill this gap, I have created “The Mesh Integration Interactive Coursebook”. I believe it is probably the first of its kind in the hair loss training industry.





It is a physical coursebook that you will receive in the post, and after designated chapters, you will find a QR code that will lead you to a course video. These are the same videos that are available to my online students who are taking the full accredited course with me.

You will also get in your coursebook an up-to-date list of reliable suppliers for closures or toppers.



Ins and Outs of this Course:


You will get your hands on one of the best methods that will help you to address any type of hair loss. Not only this, you will learn how to have a consultation but also how to create a custom Mesh Integration system for your clients as they sit in your chair.

Stylists who love what they do love seeing a smile grow on a client’s face. I’m speaking to those that love this profession and want to bring smiles to women that are currently stuck in a frown. You have a chance, friends, to not only make good money with this knowledge but to bring true hope back to hopeless women. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to turn the light back on in someone’s eyes.


It is my pleasure to offer you this gift of a concept and new skill.


I am offering this amazing interactive, one of kind coursebook for £197 (+ £4.99 for registered shipping to your address). That’s really a small price to pay if you are planning to start creating the Hair Replacement career of your dreams.


If you consider yourself entrepreneurial minded, I suggest you take advantage while the opportunity is still available to you, because once the window shuts, only those inside reap the benefits.


Success doesn’t wait, neither should you!

The video I posted on Instagram to announce the future release of the new interactive coursebook

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Certification will require for you to send a video and/ or pictures of your first fitting on your model



Hair Replacement and Integration Senior Consultant, Weave Technician, Author and L3 AET Educator, Marie Omobude is based in Birmingham and has worked with individuals suffering from hair loss since 2008. Her clientele has ranged from homemakers to TV presenters. She is now teaching her Hair Mastery Series to stylists across the country.